BRIM Control Assembly

BRIM control assembly is constructed using high quality component. The compact design reduces installation footprint and makes installation fast and easy. Less mechanical joints are used to prevent leakage. BRIM control assembly can be customized for repeat standardized designs for different operational requirements. The main components are flowmeter, RBM pressure reducing valve, Bi-indictor gauge

BRIM WS-series Assembly

Compact in design, BRIM WS-series assembly are available in various size and configuration:

• Supply assembly with pressure regulator
• Return assembly with flowmeter


BRIM WS-series Components

BRIM WS-series components consist of the following:-

• BRIM pipeline flowmeter
• BRIM globe valve
• BRIM 3-piece ball valve
• BRIM bi-indicator gauge

BRIM Digital flowmeter

Some key features of BRIM digital flowmeter:-

• Easy to read digital display
• 3 measurement (Flowrate, Pressure and Temperature)
• Imperial or metric unit of measurement
• Plug and play (battery operated)
• Maintenance free
• Compact and light
• Rugged design to resist breakage
• Future possibility for BAS monitoring

BRIM Modular System

During installation and maintenance, time is the key to a successful fast turn-on. BRIM modular system is the answer to improve installation time, improved reliability and cost saving. Our BRIM modular system is pre-assembled and pre-test in the workshop. The system’s flexibility means that it can be relocated and reassign of tools if required.



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