DUCTEASI™ fabric duct

DUCTEASI fabric duct was developed as cost-saving solution to improve air-conditioning, ventilation and environmental control. DUCEASI fabric duct is fully engineered product that reduces static pressure and improved ventilation performance. Made from 100% fire retardant polyester woven fabric, the strong and lightweight system reduces installation manpower by 80% compare to regular metal ducting system.

8 Key Benefits

of DUCTEASI™ Fabric Ducting System

Cost Effective

More than 50% saving on material, tools, installation and transport cost


Up to 80% savings in manpower

Better Air Distribution

Precise air control using air jets and low turbulence diffusion

Light Weight

Weights only 1kg per meter of fabric duct

Clean & Healthy

Improves indoor air quality

Easy Maintenance

No corrosion and can be laundry washed

No Condensation

Prevents condensation without the need of insulation material


Low noise and low vibration during operation

Better Air Diffusion - Static Regain Design

Fabric duct system uses static regain methodology to achieve uniform air discharge pressure throughout the entire length of the duct. Compared to typical equal friction design, this system design is self balancing, excellent in energy conservation and flexibility to changes.

To maximise the benefit of equal friction, our DUCTEASI fabric duct uses laser cut hole for optimum air diffusion performance.



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