SMARTEMP Performance diffusers

SMARTEMP products provide high quality, premium air diffusion solutions well suited to demanding applications or where superior performance is required. The range includes solutions for large volume spaces, elevated comfort, enhanced indoor air quality, high energy efficiency, low pressure characteristics, quiet operation, low temperature VAV, and thermal displacement. Many are patented, and include solutions delivering high capacity and enhanced heating. Engineering and technical services include selection programs, technical brochures, laboratory testing and direct client advice in relation to specialised air diffusion performance, indoor air quality, diffuser layout, and associated acoustics and system design.

Adjustable floor diffuser, Model ISF-AD

The world’s only floor swirl diffuser with user-adjustable airflow rate, air motion, and air direction. SMARTEMP ‘s directional floor swirl diffuser with user-adjustable air pattern from a rotatable inclined air stream to a vertical air plume. User-adjustable air direction for increased / decreased air motion. User-adjustable airflow rate for increased / decreased cooling / heating. Substantially constant throw height of the inclined air stream to head height of seated occupants prevents cold feet / warm head at low airflow rate settings. An optional electric actuator provides VAV modulation

Bar Displacement Diffuser, Model BDF-FD

Floor displacement diffuser with trafficable bar grille is designed to supply air into rooms with raised floors. Recommended for continuous perimeter displacement application. Air is spread evenly across a double-layer displacement cassette and oozes out of a heavy duty bar grille with minimal mixing, to produce a low velocity, low level lake of high quality supply air that floods the floor with displacement airflow. Supplied with purpose build plenum box with adjustable stand for easy leveling.

Auditorium Displacement Diffuser, Model ADS-FD

Auditorium Displacement Diffuser, type ADS-FD, mounted in the vertical face of auditorium steps, produces a low velocity displacement airflow pattern from a perforated discharge face made of powder coated galvanised steel. Air oozes out of the perforated face with minimal mixing producing a low velocity, low level lake of high quality supply air of enhanced ventilation effectiveness that floods the floor beneath the auditorium seats.

Auditorium Step Swirl Diffuser, Model CSS-FD

Auditorium Step Swirl Diffuser, type CSS-FD discharges supply air in a fixed radial discharge pattern.The diffuser is mounted in the vertical face of auditorium steps. Highly inductive swirl discharge directed away from the sensitive ankle regions of seated occupants strongly dilutes the supply air stream with room air and rapidly breaks down the discharge velocity. This ensures draught-free air supply for displacement airflow in tiered auditoria, providing occupants with enhanced levels of thermal comfort and increased indoor air quality

Linear Multi-stream Diffuser, Model LMC-AD

High induction, 1-way blow or 2-way blow linear ceiling diffuser with 1 to 8 slots, each with multiple barrel nozzles discharging alternating multi-stream mini-jets. Mini-jets are individually adjustable through 90° to alter air pattern from horizontal through diagonal to vertical. Nozzle barrels may be rotated to shut off airflow. Suitable for low temperature supply air (≥ 5°C) and CAV or VAV systems with extended turndown. Installation flush with ceiling or free-hanging.

Adjustable Helical Swirl Diffuser, Model HSC-AD

Patented high capacity, low profile swirl diffuser with variable air pattern adjustment for cooling and heating of large volume or high ceiling spaces. Installation flush with ceiling or free-hanging. Swirl vanes with helical twist deliver high volume airflow capacity and large airflow range. Adjustable blades and guide-ring assembly slide helically across radially off-set swirl vanes flush with diffuser face for variable discharge direction adjustment (manual, thermal or electric) at a low and substantially constant pressure loss and with high induction discharge in both cooling and heating modes.cement airflow. Supplied with purpose build plenum box with adjustable stand for easy leveling.

Adjustable Jet Swirl Diffuser, Model JSC-AD

Ultra-high level, high airflow rate swirl diffuser with adjustable discharge pattern from horizontal to vertical, for installation flush with ceiling or free-hanging in large volume spaces

Adjustable Wall Swirl Diffuser, Model CSW-AD

Patented directional side-blow swirl diffuser with manually or electrically adjustable discharge direction adjustment and three manual throw settings (short, medium or long). Suitable for installation in walls or bulkheads. Optional electrically operated constant horizontal throw VAV available (size DN630 only).



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