THERMOBREAK Thermal Insulation


• All-in-one insulation system c/w aluminum foil and adhesive backing
• Lowest thermal conductivity – 0.032W/mK @ 23 Deg C
• Lowest water vapour permability – 2.3 X10-15 Kg/Pa.s.m
• Fast and easy installation
• 10 Years warranty
• Tested and meets all local fire safety standards (BS and EN standards)
• FM 4924 approval and UL listing
• 3-tick SGBC green mark certification

LS sheet


Thermobreak® products are ideal for and are extensively used in external duct insulation applications. Supplied in rolls or sheets to meet energy saving requirements, Thermobreak® products provide excellent insulation, reliable and durable protection against condensation, and an outstanding aesthetic finish. With a lower thermal conductivity than any other flexible insulation material, an almost zero vapour permeability, Thermobreak® provides superior energy saving performance, fast and simple installation, and trouble-free operation in a variety of environments. Thermobreak LS comply to international fire and smoke standards including FM 4924.


Thermobreak® tube products are ideal for and are extensively used in pipe insulation applications. Supplied in preformed sectional tubes to meet energy saving requirements, Thermobreak® tube provide excellent insulation, durable protection against condensation, and an outstanding aesthetic finish. Thermobreak® tube is fast and efficient to install and totally reliable.

THERMOBREAK AcoustiPlus Acoustic Insulation

Thermobreak AcoustiPlus solves tight clearance issues by providing excellent acoustic absorption, very low thermal conductivity and low water vapour permeance at a low thickness. Thermobreak Acoustiplus is easy to cut, available with a repositionable adhesive backing and fibre free resulting in a fast, easy and mess free install.

THERMOBREAK No-Clad Outdoor insulation

Thermobreak® No-Clad is a closed cell, physically cross-linked polyolefin foam pipe & duct insulation with an innovative ultra-tough foil facing for external applications. It is purposely designed as an alternative to cladding of pipe and duct insulation and is built to meet the demands of the harsh outdoor environment. Thermobreak® No Clad is faced with a new UV and puncture resistant foil. The new foil facing consists of a very strong puncture resistant reinforcement and proprietary clear coating which is resistant to corrosion, weathering and UV. The flexible closed cell foam underneath this tough facing helps prevent impact damage to the outer layer by absorbing the impact. A specially developed No Clad foil tape with added UV protection has been developed to provide system integrity and protection of joints from the elements.



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