ECOSAVE is an online marketplace that connects seller and buyer who are looking for specific components, parts or material. All listed ECOSAVE items are new & unused which can be overstock, spares or not required anymore. These are kept in storage.


Our objective is simply, we want to help you save money by selling/buying good new & unused material. Our actions also help reduce impact on the environment by reducing waste and saving natural resource.

How it works?

1) Look for your items you required at the “product listing” page
2) Once you found the items you are interested, simply click add to enquires “+” .
3) Click the “Enquires” button to review your selected and complete your company & contact details.
4) Submit you enquires to us and ECOSAVE will link you to seller.

Benefits for the Buyer

Buyer saves money, ECOSAVE items are discounted price of the original new price. ECOSAVE items listed are readily available which sometimes is not in-stock from supplier or due to long lead-time.

Benefits for the Seller

Seller makes money from selling unused items, clearing storage space for better use of space. Can now convert stagnant inventory into cash.

Benefits for the Environment

Most unused building material are recycled back to new product or goes to the incinerator & landfill. The process to recycle or incinerate these unwanted materials uses energy, labour, transport and land space. Using ECOSAVE can help to reduce carbon footprint in our environment.


Ready stock

New & Unused


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