ATS duct system

ATS, Inc. is the global leader in the design and fabrication of corrosive and fire resistant exhaust duct systems for high tech industry. ATS has been the pioneer in making firesafe ducts since 1971. Our constant innovation allows us to produce product that out-performs and last longer than any other product in the market in an chemically aggressive environments.

Fire Resistance

ATS duct system meets FM Approval standards 4922 and 4910 for use in cleanroom without the need of internal sprinklers. In addition, ATS complies with ASTM, SEMI, NFPA, and UL standards

Corrosive Resistance

ATS with its innovative joining systems provides unparalleled corrosion resistance, no weak points,- unlike competitive products.

Cleanroom Safe

ATS developed and patented the ChemBond Resin System, which allowed ATS FXP™ duct to be field connected without sanding and without odors. This resin system can be used in cleanroom environments.


ATS ChemBond™ resin allows contractors to install and modify ducts efficiently and without external wraps (even bonding directly to PPs, PVC, SS and Regular FRP) and maintains ATS’ high standard of corrosion resistance.

ATS FXP™ Fire & Corrosive Resistant Ducting

Our flagship product is an hybrid consisting of a dual layer composite material. The inner liner made from vinyl ester provide excellent chemical resistance with ATS proprietary phenolic exterior shell that give it fire protection. FXP™ duct are tested to meet Factory Mutual protocol and meets the highest cleanroom requirement.

ATS FXP™ duct is available in standard round, rectangular and oval and in sizes ranging from 2” to 13’ diameters

ATS FXP™ Joints system

ATS joining system are designed to be robust and adaptable to preventing leaking. ATS FXP™ duct is available in 2 high performance jointing system:-

ATS SlipCollar™

  •  Self aligning
  •  No gaskets to leak, wear or fail
  •  Internal collar provides continuous corrosion barrier
  •  By using ATS ChemBond™ joining resin, the joint is sealed with
    a “chemical weld” effectively making it leak-free

ATS ISO Flange™

  • Quick and simple installation and dismantling
  • Easy for maintenance
Chembond Resin + Hardener

ATS ChemBond™

ATS ChemBond™, the first epoxy joining system that can be use for cleanroom environment without harmful outgassing. Its meets and exceed SEMI E108 Standards and is highly corrosive resistance. ChemBond™ is shipped with pre-measured bottles for easy application for joint and repair application.


ATS Brochure


ATS Installation 1 Introduction
ATS Installation 2 H Collar
ATS Installation 4 Slip Collar
ATS Installation 5 Saddle Tap
ATS Installation 6 ATS to PVC
ATS Installation 7 Test Port


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